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Spindle Washer Locking Nut for 4113-7 Spring Bolt Spring Bolt 3 1/2" X 9/16" takes 4101-6 Nut Retainer Ring Tang Washer
Spindle Washer
Our Price: $0.50
Plain 1" spindle washer 9/16" locking nut for 3 1 2/" X 9/116" shackle bolt 3 1/2" X 9/16" shackle bolt "D" folded Tang- 1" Fits Dexter 7K Axle
Spindle Nut Wheel Lashing Tread Protector Clearance Base Grease Cap - EZ Lube 7K
Spindle Nut
Our Price: $1.25
Clearance Base
Our Price: $2.95
Grease Cap - EZ Lube 7K
Our Price: $3.95
Castlelated 6 slot, 1" Plastic tread protector for Take 3 Wheel Lashings Gray mount and hot wire for 19200R and 10200A EZ Lube cap fits all 7K Axle Take 3 Trailers.
Clearance Light Amber Race (inner) 7K Axle fits 25580 Bearing Race (outer) 7K Axle fits 14125A Bearing Equalizer Bolt 7/8" X 4 3/4", Nut, and Pin if applicable
Clearance Light Amber
Our Price: $3.95
Designed to fit in limited mounting areas.  Fits in most narrow header rails.  Can be mounted vertically or horizontally.  Snap lock tabs allow quick & easy installation.  Two 12V bulbs. Inner race fits #42 spindle  Fits Inner 5.2-8K and outer for some 10K axles.  
Direct replacements for:  Take 3 7K inner race
                                    Take 3 Powerlift 4 inner race
                                    Take 3 Powerlift 5 outer race
OUter race for #42 spindle. Equalizer bolt 7/8".  Length:  4 3/4" with hole for cotter pin.  Includes grease zerk bolt, nut, and cotter pin.
Bearing (inner)  7K Axle takes 25520 Race Inner Bearing 7k Axle 3-Light Bar/Red Wheel Loop Strap - 12' -NOT FOR LASHING ASSEMBLY
3-Light Bar/Red
Our Price: $9.95
Inner Bearing Fits #42 Spindle. Fits inner 5.2-8k and outer for some 10k axles. Direct Replacement for: Take 3 7k axle (inner bearing), Take 3 Powerlift 4 (inner bearing), Take 3 Powerlift 5 (outer bearing). Outer Bearing Fits #42 Spindle. 6,7k Axles. 1.25" O.D. Fits Take 3 Trailer with 7k Axles Bearing (Outer) for 8k Dexter Axle

Fits Take 3 Model 48
Mini light bar.  This light bar has a corrosion resistant zinc plated finish with a white baked enamel paint covering. Three model 107R lights are attached to bar, which mounts on 16 1/2" centers and grounds through the mounting hardware.
Dimensions:  L = 16-1/8"   H = 1"   D = 1-3/8"
12' Strap wheel loop.  5K 2"X12" strap with 7" sewn eye on end, head sealed other end.
Strap with J Hook - 12' -NOT FOR LASHING ASSEMBLY Wheel Center Cap for 7K axles with 16" steel wheels U-Bolt Kit 5.2K-7K Ratchet With Flat Hook for Wheel Loops
U-Bolt Kit 5.2K-7K
Our Price: $16.95
12' strap w/J hook.  5K.  2"X12' strap w/5K J hook on ane end and heat sealed other end. Take 3 Original Equipment.  Center cap snaps over 12"X9X16".  Standard lug nuts. NOT FOR ALUM WHEELS Kit includes (2) plates (4) U-bolts (8) nuts (8) washers
Equalizer Bar 5.2-8K Axles Toolbox Replacement Cylinder-Rawson Koenig Wheel Lashing Strap Assemby Brake Magnet - 12" electric brakes
Wheel Lashing Strap Assemby
Our Price: $29.95
Sale Price: $23.95
You save $6.00!
Equalizer bar fits 5,200-8,000 lbs. axles with 2" slipper springs.
Direct Replacement for Take 3 Trailers with 7K Axles
Toolbox replacement lock clyinder and one key.  Fits Rawson-Koenig underbody toolbox. Unless key code is specified cylinder will come with whatever key code we have in stock. Take 3 Soft Tie-System Assembly:  Includes strap, ratchet and three perforated wheel grips.  For use with the exclusive Take 3 Soft-Tie deck.   For more information click here
Brake magnet for 12" electric brakes.
Bearing (Inner) 10K Super Single Flip Ramp pin/hardware only Winch hand remote w/control Slipper 6 Leaf Spring 7K Axle
Inner bearing for 10K Super Single Dexter axle.
Direct Replacement
Take 3 Powerlift 5 inner bearing
Front or Rear Hardware for a Take 3 Flip Ramp set.  96" or 102" load deck. Qty of 1 will install one set, either on the front or rear. Winch hand remote control w/pistol grip.  15' cord No. of leave:  6
Capacity:  4,000 lb
A:  29 1/2"
B:  27 1/2"
C:  3 1/2"
D:  13 1/2"
Width:  2"
Eye Diameter 9/16"
Brake Assembly (Left) 5.2K-7K Axle Brake Assembly (Right) 5.2K-7K Axle Winch Cable Replacement w/hook Toolbox Replacement Paddle Latch-Rawson Koenig
12"X2" Electric Brake Assembly Left Hand (Driver's Side). Fits 5.2K-7K Axles. All brands. Fit 7K Take Axles. Fits all Take 3 Trailers with 7k axles. 12"X2" Electric Brake Assembly Right Hand (Passenger's Side). Fits 5.2K-7K Axles. All brands. Fit 7K Take Axles. Fits all Take 3 Trailers with 7k axles. 3/8" X 75' winch cable with swivel hook. Toolbox replacement paddle latch.  Comes with cylinder and one key.  Fits Rawson-Koenig underbody toolboxes styles H, V, and US
Hub Drum Complete Assemby for 7K Axle Tandem Hanger Kit Ball Tower Trailer Center Track for Take 3 Trailers
Tandem Hanger Kit
Our Price: $89.95
Ball Tower
Our Price: $99.95
Hub drum with races, bearings, seal, lug nuts and grease cap Hanger kit for tandem axle.  Fits 5,200-8,000 lb. axles with 2" slipper springs. Ball towers have two balls (2" and 2 5/16") and use the Take 3 Trailer Hauler with center tracks DO NOT ORDER ONLINE PLEASE.  MUST BE SENT FREIGHT SO PLEASE CALL US TO ORDER.  Sold in 8' section.  Take 3 Original Equipment.
Hanger Kit for Triple Axle Winch Soleoid Pack (Pierce 9K) New Gooseneck Coupler-Square Ramp-Steel-7' Take 3 Original Equipment
Hanger Kit for Triple Axle
Our Price: $149.95
Gooseneck Coupler-Square
Our Price: $179.95
Hanger Kit fits 5,200-8000 lb. axles with 2" slipper springs. Winch solenoid for Pierce 9000 lb. winch includes (2) P037 Ty7pe 8420 solenoids with steel cover.   Includes all buss bars, motor leads and a pre-wired four-prong plug for remote control. Gooseneck coupler (2 5/16") with square adjustable neck.  20K Ramp Dimension: width: 16", Length: 7'9"
Sold Individually