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Spindle Washer Locking Nut for 27-015 Spring Bolt Retainer Ring Tang Washer Spring Bolt 3 1/2" X 9/16" takes 4101-6 Nut
Spindle Washer
Our Price: $0.95
Plain 1" spindle washer 9/16" locking nut for 3 1 2/" X 9/116" shackle bolt "D" folded Tang- 1" Fits Dexter 7K Axle 3 1/2" X 9/16" shackle bolt
Spindle Nut Clearance Base Clearance Light Amber Grease Cap - EZ Lube 7K
Spindle Nut
Our Price: $2.25
Clearance Base
Our Price: $2.95
Clearance Light Amber
Our Price: $3.95
Grease Cap - EZ Lube 7K
Our Price: $4.95
Castlelated 6 slot, 1" Gray mount and hot wire for 19200R and 10200A Designed to fit in limited mounting areas.  Fits in most narrow header rails.  Can be mounted vertically or horizontally.  Snap lock tabs allow quick & easy installation.  Two 12V bulbs. EZ Lube cap fits all 7K Axle Take 3 Trailers.
Race (outer) 7K Axle fits 14125A Bearing Race (inner) 7K Axle fits 25580 Bearing Equalizer Bolt 7/8" X 4 3/4", Nut, and Pin if applicable Bearing (inner)  7K Axle takes 25520 Race
OUter race for #42 spindle. Inner race fits #42 spindle  Fits Inner 5.2-8K and outer for some 10K axles.  
Direct replacements for:  Take 3 7K inner race
                                    Take 3 Powerlift 4 inner race
                                    Take 3 Powerlift 5 outer race
Equalizer bolt 7/8".  Length:  4 3/4" with hole for cotter pin.  Includes grease zerk bolt, nut (9000146), and cotter pin(27-027). Inner Bearing Fits #42 Spindle. Fits inner 5.2-8k and outer for some 10k axles. Direct Replacement for: Take 3 7k axle (inner bearing), Take 3 Powerlift 4 (inner bearing), Take 3 Powerlift 5 (outer bearing).
Wheel Loop Strap - 12' -NOT FOR LASHING ASSEMBLY Inner Bearing 7k Axle Strap with J Hook - 12' -NOT FOR LASHING ASSEMBLY Wheel Center Cap for 7K axles with 16" steel wheels
12' Strap wheel loop.  5K 2"X12" strap with 7" sewn eye on end, head sealed other end. To be used with FH10R-10MWHR ratchet. Not a component of the wheel lashing assembly. Outer Bearing Fits #42 Spindle. 6,7k Axles. 1.25" O.D. Fits Take 3 Trailer with 7k Axles Bearing (Outer) for 8k Dexter Axle

Fits Take 3 Model 48
12' strap w/J hook.  5K.  2"X12' strap w/5K J hook on ane end and heat sealed other end. Not a component of the wheel lashing assembly. Take 3 Original Equipment.  Center cap snaps over 12"X9X16".  Standard lug nuts. NOT FOR ALUM WHEELS
Ratchet With Flat Hook for Wheel Loops Bearing (Inner) 10K Super Single U-Bolt Kit 5.2K-7K (will work on the UltraLite) Toolbox Replacement Cylinder-Rawson Koenig
Inner bearing for 10K Super Single Dexter axle.
Direct Replacement
Take 3 Powerlift 5 inner bearing
Kit includes (2) plates (4) U-bolts (8) nuts (8) washers Toolbox replacement lock cylinder and one key.  Fits Rawson-Koenig underbody toolbox. Unless key code is specified cylinder will come with whatever key code we have in stock. If ordered in multiple quantities then they will be keyed alike.
Wheel Lashing Strap Assemby Flip Ramp pin/hardware only Brake Magnet - 12" electric brakes Equalizer Bar 5.2-8K Axles
Wheel Lashing Strap Assemby
Our Price: $29.95
Sale Price: $25.95
You save $4.00!
Take 3 Soft Tie-System Assembly: Includes strap, ratchet and three perforated wheel grips. For use with the exclusive Take 3 Soft-Tie deck. For more information click here
Front or Rear Hardware for a Take 3 Flip Ramp set.  96" or 102" load deck. Qty of 1 will install one pair of flips, either on the front or rear. Brake magnet for 12" electric brakes. Equalizer bar fits 5,200-8,000 lbs. axles with 2" slipper springs. 2"W x 12"L  Direct Replacement for Take 3 Trailers with 7K Axles (NOT THE ULTRA-LITE)
Winch hand remote w/control Slipper 6 Leaf Spring 7K Axle (not for UltraLite) Brake Assembly Elec (Left) 5.2K-7K Axle Brake Assembly Elec (Right) 5.2K-7K Axle
Winch hand remote control w/pistol grip.  15' cord No. of leave: 6
Capacity: 4,000 lb
A: 29 1/2"
B: 27 1/2"
C: 3 1/2"
D: 13 1/2"
Width: 2"
Eye Diameter 9/16"
12"X2" Electric Brake Assembly Left Hand (Driver's Side). Fits 5.2K-7K Axles. All brands. Fit 7K Take Axles. Fits all Take 3 Trailers with 7k axles. 12"X2" Electric Brake Assembly Right Hand (Passenger's Side). Fits 5.2K-7K Axles. All brands. Fit 7K Take Axles. Fits all Take 3 Trailers with 7k axles.
Winch Cable Replacement w/hook Tandem Hanger Kit (NOT FOR ULTRA-LITE) Toolbox Replacement Paddle Latch-Rawson Koenig Ball Tower
Ball Tower
Our Price: $99.95
3/8" X 75' winch cable with swivel hook. Hanger kit for tandem axle.  Fits 5,200-8,000 lb. axles with 2" slipper springs. Toolbox replacement paddle latch.  Comes with cylinder and one key.  Fits Rawson-Koenig underbody toolboxes styles H, V, and US Ball towers have two balls (2" and 2 5/16") and use the Take 3 Trailer Hauler with center tracks
Hub Drum Complete Assemby for 7K Axle Winch Soleoid Pack (Pierce 9K) New Hanger Kit for Triple Axle (NOT FOR ULTRA-LITE) Ramp-Steel-7' Take 3 Original Equipment
Hub drum with races, bearings, seal, lug nuts and grease cap Winch solenoid for Pierce 9000 lb. winch includes (2) P037 Ty7pe 8420 solenoids with steel cover.   Includes all buss bars, motor leads and a pre-wired four-prong plug for remote control. Hanger Kit fits 5,200-8000 lb. axles with 2" slipper springs. Ramp Dimension: width: 16", Length: 7'9"
Sold Individually
Winch Wireless Remote Gooseneck Coupler Insert-Square 16" Steel Wheel & 10 Ply Tire Mounted Axle Channeled 7K Beam Only
Winch Wireless Remote
Our Price: $199.95
Pierce wireless winch remote.  Works with all solenoid-activated 12 volt motors. Gooseneck coupler (2 5/16") insert only with square adjustable neck 20K. To go into sleeve that is welded on trailer DIRECT REPLACEMENT for Take 3 Trailers with 7k axles.  235/80R16 10 ply tire and 16" X 6", 8 hole silver mod wheel (brand of tire may vary) Direct replacement for Take 3 Trailer with 7k axle. Beam Only.
Beam only
7K Axle channeled